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Migrating questions

A few questions from migrating on Tues:
1. Steina video was 20 minutes in length but only 8 minutes was Steina- then I am pretty sure it was video that was taped over and left over at the end. I migrated the whole tape because I was not prepared to make that decision at the time. This is a question that should be broached with the client in case running times are not supplied? Do you want the entire taped content or just what is proported to be on the tape in terms of content?
2. One tape quit on me half way through and I had to move it forward manually to get it to keep playing in the deck. My question was what do I do with this? start over? or do I piece together the files? Right now we try to do a whole capture- even if it takes a few tries..
3. Ghosting issues today- the image had residual visuals occurring with movement but I realized that it was coming from the original tape, not the machine- so there is not much I could do.
Timing: started at 2- finished at 7pm- with a tutorial for Lauren. 6 tapes about 90 minutes of content. Right now this is 1:3 per tape.

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